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Introducing our API

Written by Jason on November 18, 2011

We're very pleased to announce our formal API. While we've had an informal one for a while, it was more cumbersome to use than we would have liked. Now, it's quite straightforward, and we've rolled out comprehensive documentation as well.

In summary, you can currently use the API to:

  • Retrieve or download analysis results
  • Download datasets
  • List accessible result sets
  • List queued dataset items (e.g., imports, exports, removals, duplications)
  • List queued analysis items
  • Modify queued imports and exports (e.g., change next run time, frequency, start & stop times)
  • Modify queued analyses (e.g., change next run time, frequency, start & stop times)

We've got near-term plans to expand these capabilities, including being able to add new items to the dataset and analysis queues. (*** NEW DEVELOPMENT *** As of March 2012, you can use the API to add items to a dataset - stay tuned for the ability to queue new analyses.)

Get started by getting your API key in your user preferences. Please feel free to read more about the analysis API and dataset API.

We hope you find these capabilities useful.

Tags: api, features

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